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How To Paint Perfectly Crisp Striped Walls

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I had a vision for Violets bathroom when I first saw it. I wanted it cheery, bright and I was envisioning yellow & blue. It’s a small bathroom, I figured stripes would make it seem larger than it actually was.

First we needed to take care of the peach walls. Violets bedroom is Star Wars themed with a navy accent wall and cream walls. I had a lot of cream left over so I used that to paint the base layer.

Lets Live Yall bathroom before.jpgLets Live Yall bathroom before 2.jpg

After covering all the peach I enlisted my husband for help. We got out the tape measure and a 6′ level. At first I thought 12″ thick stripes would work but after drawing one they were way too thick. I went down to 6″.

Lets Live Yall drawing lines.jpg

I measured 6″ down from the ceiling and made  long lines across the walls down to the floor. Then I taped. Using blue painters tape I taped along the underside of the top line and then on the topside of the next drawn line then the underside of the next line and so on and so forth.
Then for the most important step in getting the crisp lines. Take your base color paint, in my case the cream and paint over the blue tape. Doing this will create a seal between the cream layers to keep the stripe color from bleeding under and making your lines muddled. Let the base color dry. Lets Live Yall Yellow paint.jpg
When your base color is dry go in with your stripe color and paint over the stripe areas. Peel your tape off while it is still wet. I hung a trash bag around my arm and put the wet tape into it right away to try to minimize the mess as much as possible.

Lets Live Yall Wsalls taped.jpg
After the walls are totally dry go in and erase any pencil marks showing using a white eraser.


Then decorate!


Lets Live yall Wall right.jpg

Lets Live Yall Walls left.jpg



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