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How To Get Your Towles White & Fresh With No Harsh Chemicals

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I love my white towels but it’s no secret that after a while they get dingy. They start to discolor and look downright gross.

Here’s the secret to getting them looking fresh, clean and fluffy again.

Lets Live Yall towels bakign sodaWe will start with baking soda. Pour 1 cup into the drum or powder detergent dispenser.


Lets Live Yall Towels baking soda 2


Lets Live Yall Towles machineSet your cycle for the hottest water possible, I also chose to sanitize the towels. Let the washer do it’s thing.


Lets Live Yall Towels vinegar2Next is vinegar. 1/2 cup into the detergent dispenser or drum.


Lets Live Yall Towels VinegarRun your cycle again on the hottest water setting.


Then dry.


Lets Live Yall Towels FinishedTa Da!








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