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Happy National Wine Day! My Favorite CHEAP Wines!

It’s National Wine Day. As if we need a reason to drink wine?
I put together a list of my favorite CHEAP wines. Cheap is the key word here, nothing over $20.00 for a bottle.

Best Wines Under $20 A Bottle.jpg

  1. I love a less sweet Resiling. My husband would drink pink moscato if I could handle it but that is just TOO sweet for me. We settle on reisling and Kung Fu Girl Reising is my all time favorites. It’s a milder version with note of peach, & apricot. Perfect chilled on a hot summer day. $10.99 a bottle!
  2. This Passamante Negroamaro is bold at first with ripe cherries and cinnamon and nutmeg but is so smooth. It has a fresh taste and is pleasing to a novice red wine drinker like myself. $14,99 a bottle!
  3. Another sweet one! The Bartenura Moscato is the bomb. It has a fresh zing of pear, nectarine and melon and a little fizz to it. This is one that we always keep stocked at our house. I love it chilled for a summer BBQ. $11.49 a bottle!
  4. What could be better than sparkling Rose? Not sure! A full-bodied Brut with floral and berry aromas like cherry, raspberry and strawberry. Gruet Rose gives Rose all day a whole new meaning. $16.99 a bottle!
  5. This sparkling wine is a pale golden mouthful of bubbles and hits of honey & white flowers. Fresh, clean and cirtusy. Its light and refreshing and not as dry as a champagne. The La Marca Prosecco is a festive alternative to other white wines. $13.99 a bottle!
  6. Austria has tough export laws, everything has to be approved and tasted. So chances are any Austrian wine is going to be a pleaser. The Lois Gruner Veltliner is aromatic and lively with flavors like fresh apples and citrus. It has a great combination of fruits and acidity. $12.99 a bottle!
  7. Easy to sip, perfect for everyday the Gruner Veltliner by Floriana is a quick go to. A simple white wine that is great chilled & perfect for parties since it has a mellow flavor. $5.99 a bottle!
  8. This wine tends to be extremely sippable, especially on hot days. It has a super fresh almost elegant taste but is more tart than a traditional rose. Perfect for picnic sipping or poolside lounging. The Wind Gap Rose is sure to please.


There you go! My favorite wines all under $20.00.



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