Vacationing with kids – how to make it as relaxing as possible

Hey y’all! We just got back from 5 nights at a resort in Florida and it was so glorious! We usually do two vacations a year. One during the winter after Christmas and one during July. We didn’t go on a vacation during the winter so we decided to take a mini one now! My kids are pretty seasoned travelers, familiar with TSA, layovers and long car rides. Anyways, with the vacation fresh on my mind I wanted to share with you some trips and tricks I’ve learned the ought our travels to make like a vacation less like a three ringed circus and more like an actual vacation!
1. Be relaxed with routines. I know it’s hard. Baby takes a nap at 11 and 3 and dinner at 5. When you’re at home. But when you’re exploring a new city, spending the day at the beach or swimming at the resort all day baby might not make it until 11, or might be so wide awake he refuses his nap completely. It’s hard to let that routine go but sometimes you just gotta.

Violet passed out at Disney



2. Book a hotel with amenities. A pool, playground, game room, kids club. Something that you can use to keep them occupied and enjoy yourself a little. If we stay in a hotel a pool is an absolute must. My kids are fishes and I like to sun myself while drinking a cocktail. 🍹For longer trips, like the ones we take in July we rent a house. After staying in a hotel with two kids for two weeks once we knew there had to be something better out there! Renting a house (I use Air BNB) has so many benefits, a full kitchen, separate bedrooms, a living space, maybe even a backyard!

Happy kids


Happy Mama

3. When you arrive unpack completely. Any trip I take that’s longer than one night, be it just Danny and I or the whole family I unpack completely. It helps me stay organized, assess if I forgot anything and feel more at home. I always set Violets things up first. Her blanket, pillow and loveys where she’ll sleep, her toiletries in the bathroom so she sees them and feels more at home. It’s little things that can make a big difference.


4. Bring extra outfits. If were vacationing for 5 days I being 8 outfits. This goes for both myself and the kids. You never know when an accident or spill may happen. Or when your toddler might admiringly refuse to wear an outfit you packed for them. Backups are good.

5. If you have a light sleeper bring sleep aids. Hotels are full of weird noises. The elevator, the kids above you sounding like theirs having a darn kegger. A $15 nose machine could save you hours of restless nights. Bright that night-light that’s in your toddlers room every night, it’s one of those little things that makes it more like home for them. We have used this sound machine for 5 years and its going strong. Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 3.01.59 PM.png

6. Always latch the door. Hotel room doors are fascinating aren’t they? At least Violet thought so when she was younger. The last thing you need is your toddler escaping. I know it sounds crazy but you never know.

7. Don’t forget the sunscreen. No brainer? Maybe. But being lobster sunburnt is never fun.

Their expressions are priceless


8. When flying book a straight thru flight if possible. And make your carry-on as small as possible. My kids wear backpacks through the airport, their items are in their backpacks. I carry my large Tory Burch purse. This one. When Violet was a baby and obviously unable to carry a backpack through the airport I packed a small bag inside of my backpack for her. Keeping things separate and to a minimum saves airport stress. Usually in Violets backpack is her iPad, headphones, a reusable sticker book and snacks. No crayons that can fall onto the floor, no matchbox cars that can roll up the aisle. Simple and sweet.


Violet patiently waiting to board her flight


9. Have fun! Make the best of it. I’m sure something will go wrong, it usually does but go with the flow and laugh it off!!


What are some ways you make your vacation less hetic with kids? I’d love to hear your tips!



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