Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Did Ya’ll realize fathers day is RIGHT around the corner, well actually its about a month away but my days go by crazy fast so I need to start planning now.
My husband is extremely hard to shop for. You ask him what he wants and he’ll tell you a Lamborghini….hot wheels or matchbox honey? So we usually do something homemade rather than buying something.
I’ve put together this list of ideas, both store-bought and homemade. They cover a range of interests, foodies, techies, the beer drinkers and the guys in between.


Fathers Day Gift Collage.jpg

  1. Beer of the month club. Each month he’ll get a 12 pack of unique craft beers delivered right to the door step. There’s also a bacon of the month club which I did for my husbands last birthday. He loved it. Beer Of The Month Club
  2. Cloud 9 Living offers a lot of different “thrill adventures” You put in your location or the closest location to you and it shows you what adventures are offered. They have a Lamborghini race day which my husband did in Orlando a few years ago. We did the option to race both a Ferrari and Lamborghini. Needless to say he was in seventh heaven. Race a Lamborghini
  3. Lynx Smoker Box. Perfect for the grill lover. Simply add wood chips to the box (which sit atop your grill grates) and enhance your food with another depth of flavor. Lynx Smoker Box
  4. DAD homemade photo college. I made this for my husbands first fathers day after our youngest Violet was born. I purchased a D and an A from Michael’s, and waiting them. Violet held the D (actually she chewed on it), Mikaila held the A and then for the second D I had Mikaela hold Violet in her lap and they held it together. It turned out so cute and is actually hanging on our dining room gallery wall.
  5. Boom box cuff links. For the hip-hop music lover. These can be found on Etsy. You can pretty much find any cufflinks that spike your husbands interests. Boom Box Cufflinks 
  6. iPhone case and wallet combination. I love this Mark & Graham leather case. Has a hole on the back for the camera lens, credit card slots and a long slot for cash or receipts. The leather on this is so gorgeous and will patina over time. Graham iPhone Case
  7. iWatch. It’s sleek, cool and the newest technology. Instantly receive and respond to notifications, get the motivation needed to stay active and healthy. Great for the fitness buff or someone with a busy schedule. And so many customization options. iWatch
  8. Classic and cool Rayban sunglasses. These sunglasses offer iconic styling and exceptional quality. Available in two colors. Rayban Aviators
  9. Personalized key chain with children names on it and “Happy Fathers Day” Its custom-made and timeless. Will stay on his keys forever. A cute little reminder of the love he has. Fathers Day Keychain
  10. Everyone knows a very cold beer is better than just a cold beer. The Chillsner fits inside the beer bottle and cools the beer to a perfectly chilled temperature. They also make them for wine bottles if beer isn’t his thing. Chillsner
  11. This Is What An Awesome Dad Looks Like T-Shirt. Yes it’s kinda cheesy but I love this. Let everyone know just how great of a dad he is, give him some positive encouragement and ego boost. Awesome Dad T-Shirt
  12. Daddy painting. Have your child go to town and paint a blank canvas whatever colors their little heart desires. Then take a paper the same size as the canvas, using an exact tool cut out the letters of Daddy and glue it on. Simple & personalized.
  13. Custom money clip. On Easy. This one says “For the money my wife & daughter haven’t taken” which I thought was cleaver. There are dozens on Etsy with different & customizable phrases. Money Clip
  14. Sonos wi-fi speaker. We have these all over our house, in our bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room and on your patio. The music plays from your phone through the wi-fi. You can sync them all together or just play them separately. The sound quality is also awesome. Sonos Speaker


I haven’t decided what were going to get my husband this year. I’d love to hear your ideas!!



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