DIY Moon Dough

Its a rainy day here in Charleston which means no playing outside today. In an attempt to give Violet something brand new to play with we decided to make moon dough! It’s super easy, only two ingredients and entertains for hours.


You will need:

4 cups Flour

1/2 cup baby oil

One LARGE mixing bowl. The flour can get flung while mixing…..Cloud Dough Ingredients.jpg

Moon Dough Flour In Bowl.jpg

Measure out your four cups of flour into the large mixing bowl.

Then add your baby oil.

Moon Dough Mixing.jpg

Then mix! Violet did this on her own with me just letting her know how much to measure out. She started mixing with a spatula but decided to just use her hands.

Lets Live Yall Moon Dough Compelte!.jpgI poured the moon dough into a low rubbermaid bin, she got a bunch of little animal figurines and has been playing for the last hour. She’s currently singing about a penguin party! I’d say its a success!!!


Have a blessed day!


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